The Ultimate Party Guide to Ibiza

If you’re seeking eternal nirvana in techno, house, trance or electronic dance music, Ibiza is your holy grail. Whether you want to party all day or all night, this is what dreams are made of. Here is an all-encompassing guide that should help you plan your trips to Ibiza!


Sunset at Cafe Del Mar (Image Courtesy: @michelin_x_)

Its Divisions

It may sound boring and technical but it is important to know how the island is divided so you can plan your accommodation and transport accordingly.

The island is divided into 5 municipalities. However, the main 3 municipalities that we will be covering are Ibiza Town (Villa d’Eivissa), San Jose (Sant Josep de sa Talaia) and San Antonio (Sant Antoni de Portmany).

  • The biggest of these main areas is Ibiza Town where you can get everything from mobile services to food to taxis, etc. There are more hotel options and the infrastructure is also well developed comparatively.
  • The second in line is San Antonio that is more renowned for its picturesque sunsets. Of the 3 main areas, San Antonio has the cheapest accommodations because there aren’t as many clubs here. However, it has a more active day time party scene than any other area. San Antonio is scenic with an abundance of day time cruise/sailboat parties.
  • San Jose is the smallest of the three and is primarily popular for a small village named Playa den Bossa that has all the happening clubs you want to go to. There must be a total of one hundred hotels in this area, which isn’t too impressive.

The remaining municipalities are coastal and isolated where you can get villas to live in and are at an average distance of 15 km from the main party areas. You may refer to other travel websites for other municipalities.


Ibiza Town (Image Courtesy: @giovannacamerani)


Catalan and Spanish are the official languages of the island. However, German, Italian and English are widely spoken too. Most people are multi-lingual so language will for sure not be a barrier.

Social Conduct

Because of the extreme partying and general acceptance of misdemeanor, especially among the younger lot of tourists, Ibiza is also known as the Gomorrah of the Mediterranean. The best way to keep away from any untoward incident is to basically steer clear of rowdy and/or drunk groups.



Cotton Beach Club (Image Courtesy: @elledalziel)

In terms of food, you’ll get plenty of options in Ibiza Town with San Antonio close behind. You can get regional cuisines easily which includes Mediterranean.

Most of the fast food joints are open till 6 in the morning so you can never go hungry in Ibiza.



Over Ibiza (Image Courtesy: @ruth_lo_mi)

Ibiza is very well connected with London (15+ flights every day) and Spain (15+ flights daily). It is also connected to other European cities but the number and frequency of flights may vary. The flights are also relatively cheap, you can easily get one for €100-€150 one way and return would probably cost around €250. In order to compare and go for cheap tickets, search for the airfares and flight schedules on Kayak and then buy the tickets directly from the airline’s website. If you’re lucky, you may even get some last minute flights here!

Peak & Off Peak Season


Cala Comte Beach, Ibiza (Image Courtesy: @principito_78)

Ibiza is generally active 5-6 months of the year, from May to October. In May and June, the activities pick up pace and in September and October they begin to phase out. Thus, July-August make the peak season.

If you want to check out the party calendar of everything that is happening in Ibiza all year round, Ibiza Spotlight is the go-to website for the schedule. It has details of all the clubs present and who is playing where and when, which can really help you plan your trip.

Ideal Time to Go

Although going in the beginning of the peak season doesn’t cost you as much but it is also much less happening. In the very peak season, there is something going on at all times that keeps you busy. For instance, in the off peak season, you will be able to see at 2 headliners, say David Guetta and Bob Sinclair over a 5 day period. On the other hand, during the peak season, you can catch 2 headliners every single day.

Overall, the energy and the crowd during the peak season are definitely worth the extra bucks.


As far as the vacation rentals are concerned, since Ibiza is generally active 5-6 months of the year, the prices vary according to the season you’re visiting. Even during the active period, the prices will vary. For instance, if a hotel if costing you €100-€150 per night in the May-June period which is the beginning of the active season, it will cost you around €300+ during July and August which are the peak months.

100 ft from the Hotel Maritimo (Image Courtesy: @jahanzaib.jb)

As per personal experience, Hotel Maritimo Sport and Spa was a good experience. It is right in the middle of Ibiza Town on the Figueretas Beach, the best beach of the town. The rooms are spacious with an amazing view. They are air-conditioned and the staff is very helpful too. The hotel also offers a free bike which you can avail for as long as you are staying at the hotel. Otherwise, bike rentals will cost you anywhere between €10-25 per day. The hotel costs €225-€250 per night but if you manage to book in advance, you may get a cheaper package or alternative. You can get cheaper accommodations; however, you will have to move farther away from the centre. If you plan to ride a bike around and explore the place in the day time, your best bet would be a hotel closer to the main city.

Intra-city Travel

Travel within the city is easy via taxi which costs at least €7 if you’re coming from a close-by area but will cost up to €35 between Ibiza and San Antonio. It most probably costs more if you’re staying at a comparatively remote location.

Party Time Zones

Ibiza primarily works on 3 different time zones in terms of activities.


Es Paradis (Image Courtesy: @dasonido_ibiza)
  • The first one is from 12 noon to 6 pm in the evening. During this time, there are day time pool parties happening and San Antonio is more active than the other areas. Ocean Beach and Es Paradis in San Antonio are the most popular places for these. They aren’t huge and are usually used as a third or the fourth option, that is, if there is nothing much happening otherwise. But for day time parties, they are the first options.


Ushuaia (Image Courtesy: @celeste_van_d_corput)
  • The second time zone is 6 pm to 12 in the night. At this time, Playa den Bossa is more active. The most happening place in Playa den Bossa by far is the recently established Ushuaia which ends up being the highlight of your trip. Space is another club you must explore. Ushuaia has a daily show from 6pm to 12 midnight. It is open 7 days a week and each day has a different theme which keeps things very interesting. For instance, late July this summer, there was Ants playing on Saturdays, Avicci on Sundays, David Guetta playing every Monday and Hardwell on Tuesdays. These are the headliners. Every night before these big names begin, there 3-4 less popular artists who perform before the big act. Ushuaia is the biggest club in terms of area and popularity and it perhaps pulls the biggest crowds on Guetta’s performances. You can even do Ushuaia daily because there is a different act every day.


Amnesia Club (Image Courtesy: @gerdkleins)
  • The third time zone is 12 midnight to 6 am in the morning. During this time, there are 5-6 clubs that are active including the Privilege Club. The top 4 include Pacha, Ushuaia, Space and Amnesia. Then there are the smaller clubs. Amnesia is the most interesting options of all because of the different venues within the same venue. Space offers the same but doesn’t have any major artists playing. It has more of the genre-specific artists playing. Amnesia on the other hand is host to headliners such as Dmitri Vegas, Nervo, etc. You may go to DC10 as well which is a fine place but Amnesia will be more happening because the crowd is better, and the effects are better. Space can be a bit crowded late in the night and have a bit of the junk crowd. But that’s what happens late at night almost everywhere. Most of the crowd is generally high or drunk.

If you prefer a decent crowd, the first two time zones are your best bet.

Dress Code

Ibiza is one place where you do not have to be particular about clothes or shoes wherever you are going, quite unlike Vegas and thankfully so.

The Economics of Clubbing


Tickets to Amnesia Club (Image Courtesy: @rhian_jane83)

The prices of the clubs and drinks, like all other things, increases in peak season. During the off-peak season, the club entry is usually €30-40 but during peak time it goes up to €50-75. As far as the drinks are concerned, any of the big clubs will charge you at least €15 for a drink even if it is a Red Bull.

Getting club tickets isn’t much of a hassle. There are a number of stores all over the city selling tickets. You can even buy a ticket from the venue of the event while it is going on. They don’t really close down entry at any point so you’re good to go.

Some Tips While Partying

Never try to get to the front because it’s useless. It gets more suffocating and there is a probability that a lot of people will bump into you. It is always preferred to stay at a safe distance unless you managed to clinch a front row position by coming in early. The crowd also gets better as you go further out. And then of course you can move around and there is more space too.


Hardwell Closing Party at Ushuaia (Image Courtesy: @msmichelle.c)

If you plan on hiring a car, then you can avail any accommodations option on the island. But if you don’t, then it is always preferred that you stay close to the city.

If you’re going in bigger groups, you can even party within your rooms like private parties of sorts.

The ideal time stay in Ibiza is 4-5 days because after that the week starts to repeat with the same DJs playing again. Unless of course you’ve planned your trip at a time when the week’s schedule is changing.


Pacha Club (Image Courtesy: @j_a_y_j)

There is an island with Ibiza called Formentera, where people usually go for day trips. So if you plan on doing something like that, you may extend your trip to a week because that will take a whole day.

Other Activities on the Island

If you do not want to party all day and all night, there are quite a few water activities available as well. You can Jet Ski, sail, go for a cruise trip, etc. However, when in Ibiza, partying should be your main focus because well, you can do these activities at any coastal resort.

In case you have any questions regarding partying in Ibiza, feel free to shoot in the comments section and we’ll be glad to help!


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