Honeymooning Without The Husband: Tips, Tricks & Places to Visit!


What started off as a funny antic on 9Gag to express how much she had missed her husband on their second honeymoon in Greece because he did not get a visa in time, the recently married (7 months to be exact) Huma Mobin or the Outside Girl as we know of now, became an overnight sensation when Buzzfeed saw the Greek tragedy in it (read the story here). More like a tragicomedy is what everyone thought it was, including Mobin herself.



We all needed closure, of course! They had to eventually get back together, which they of course did. But what exactly did she do in Greece? How did she spend that time apart from her husband? So we got in touch with her to take all the tips on how to have fun in one of the most exotic and picturesque places on earth without her husband… and with her in-laws.

Here is a summary of the short phone interview that we happened to chance upon!

While in Greece, here are the top 10 places that Mobin recommends everyone MUST visit/experience:

  1. Crete, Downtown! According to her that is like a must-go place, the old city in particular. It has an amazing open square and there was this restaurant they ate at that she recommends, the name, well she had no clue about. So look for an open square, that’s your clue right there!
  2. Oia Village, Santorini is another heavenly place that begs to be explored! Yes, literally BEGS to be explored!Santorini
  3. Peri Volas Beach, Santorini, the amazing thing about this beach is that the sand is entirely made out of ashes since the city resides on top of an active volcano.Perivolas Beach
  4. The Acropolis, like duh! *rolls eyes*Acropolis
  5. Athens MuseumAthens Museum
  6. Ferry Cruise, they took the BlueBird Ferry Cruise and stayed a night on it. It was an experience she will never forget! Of course since her husband wasn’t with her and she was utterly sad! What did you think?Bluebird
  7. Minos Restaurant, Heraklion, Crete – amazing place for food!Minos Restaurant
  8. Kastro Oia Restaurant, Santorini – must-go food place!Kastro Restaurant
  9. Cucina Povera, Athens – Brilliant Greek food!
  10. There is no 10th It is a miracle she could come up with 9! Okay, not trying to be mean, she’s the sweetest person EVER!


President Hotel AThens

The gang stayed at the President Hotel in Athens and Mobin gives the hotel an 8/10 for the service and the environment and everything else.

In Crete, they stayed at Capsis Astoria that gets a 5/10! The hotel was a bit smelly which caused quite a lot of discomfort. Otherwise, it was located at an ideal place, super close to the downtown where all the restaurants, shops and everything else was located.

She has absolutely no recollection of where they stayed in Santorini and let’s cut the girl some slack, she had to endure her honeymoon all alone!



Well, what’s a girl who doesn’t shop, husband or no husband? So, Mobin kind of went crazy at Zara that was dirt cheap, like comparatively! I mean a top for 19 euros that wasn’t even on sale! Beat that! She was pretty happy all the Star Wars merchandise was available for peanuts and she bought all of that for her #hubster. Otherwise, mostly, the street bazaars were explored.

The Downside: all shopping centres close at 5pm and remain closed on Sundays. Now that’s a bummer, especially when all they did, in Mobin’s words was, “..sara din makhiya martay rahay Sunday ko..” (all day we spent killing bugs on Sunday).

Intercity Travel

Okay so taxis can get pretty expensive and cost them around 60 euros from the airport to their hotel. Otherwise they used BECO Travel, a local travel agency that handled the rest of their transportation. It wasn’t entirely cheap but it was worth the money since they did not have to worry about travel arrangements.

Huma has so far been featured in TimeIndia Times, Indian ExpressPOPxo, Life Crust, Tripoto, VAGABomb and in local news on Tribune Pakistan and Dawn.

Last Pic

We feel completely privileged and honored to have been assisted by Huma Mobin and Mama in the background who actually answered most of our queries, for our first post on the Travel & Discover Blog.

Lots of love for both of you from Team TDB! xx


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